Gelish know themselves as ‘The original brush-in-bottle, high-shine gel nail polish.’  Gelish is 100% gel (a gel in the form of a polish) Gelish will last up to 3 weeks on the natural nail.

Instantly dry when leaving the hut, will not chip for at least two weeks and can be quickly applied and removed to natural nails.

You should treat your nails like jewels not tools!

Gloves should be worn when undertaking domestic chores involving chemicals/detergents and extreme hardwork. A nail oil (Hand & Nail Harmony's Nourish) needs to be applied twice daily to stop the natural nail becoming dry. 

Gelish is applied to a very lightly buffed nail surface, this will not damage or harm the nails at all, subsequent treatments are only buffed on regrowth. Gelish comes off a clean and lifts naturally away from the nails. Gelish supply a PH Bond, which brings the PH of the nail to neutral. Gelish contains properties that adhere to the Keratin in the natural nail allowing the Gelish to bond whilst working with rather than against the natural nails.

The Lamps: UV lamps have caused a huge argument over whether this is safe for your hands. I do not use UV Lamps in the hut. I've invested in a Gelish LED lamp. LED lights have not yet been accused of causing any harm to any clients and there’s no claims of the light causing skin cancer. A Gelish manicure is under the LED light for a maximum of 30 seconds per coat.

Colour choice: GELISH! have a total of 200+ colours ranging from dark to light, block to shimmers and glitters and plenty more. Nearly all the colours are fashionable and trendy and so far I've failed to come across any I dislike.